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             Fort Bend Animal Hospital’s mission when it opened its doors on March 15, 2017, was to help the growing community of the Richmond/Rosenberg cities and surrounding areas care for its beloved animals, both large and small. At that time,

Dr. Alejandro Aguirre’s vision was to create an  animal clinic with a heart of gold, made up of a “family” of employees that provide exceptional service to the people of the Richmond/Rosenberg area. Today, Dr. A, as he is known within the community, is proud to see that his vision is still very much in effect as Fort Bend Animal Hospital continues to provide the highest quality veterinary work for small and large animals in the area.

            Dr. Alejandro Aguirre, “Dr. A”, graduated from the Universidad del Zulia located in Venezuela in 1987. Dr. A dedicated the first 18 years of his practice exclusively to his area of expertise, Large Animal Reproduction, and he was also a Professor of Animal Reproduction at the Veterinary School in Venezuela. Upon migrating to the United States, Dr. A obtained the required certification and professional license to practice in Texas. He worked for several years in bigger veterinary clinics and quickly learned that a veterinarian should have a very close relationship with his patients and their owners. Dr. A observed that there should not be a pre-determined “limited time” for a consultation and that a veterinarian should function like a family doctor as the first line of medical care for animals. Additionally, as a resident of Fort Bend County, Dr. A discerned that the rural and sub-rural areas surrounding the cities of Richmond/Rosenberg were lacking a veterinarian to help in the medical and reproductive issues of the day-to-day animal production operation for large animals. Hence the creation of Fort Bend Animal
Hospital (FBAH). Dr. A’s expertise of more than 30 years in the practice of veterinary medicine was instrumental in giving him the capacity to address the most common problems affecting cattle, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, dogs, cats, rabbits and some exotic animals like llamas, ferrets, macaws, and parrots, to name a few. Dr. A started Fort Bend Animal Hospital in 2017 and his team has successfully cared for animals both large and small since that time. In 2022, Dr. A and the dedication of the FBAH family obtained the prestigious AAHA certification, placing this veterinary hospital among the 15% of the AAHA recognized institutions in the country.

             FBAH is also accredited by the USDA to manage national and international animal health controls and tests required for the import/export of animals to and from the United States.

               Come pay Dr. A and his FBAH family a visit!

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